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This lovely agate necklace designed by Naomi Fujimoto is featured in Bead Style Magazine November issue with full instructions on assembly.
A complete kit for the stone beads used in the necklace can be found under our Bead Kits category at a discounted price.
Or you can find the individual strands in Stones by Shape on the teardrop and rondelle pages in Semi-Precious Stone Beads > By Shape.
Check out other stones in the same shapes for variations on the theme!



This Citrine Necklace is in BeadStyle's November Birthstone section. The chain and stone for this necklace are coming soon on or about October 13th.


If you are here because you saw our Sea Glass beads in the July issue of Bead Style Magazine, those beads are available through this current version of our site, and the new production strands are twice the length.

So, for the Citrus Necklace, you need:

  • 3 strands of Tangerine Flat Freeform Nugget
  • 2 strands of Amber Flat Freeform Nugget.

For the Berry Necklace, you need:

  • 2 strands of Aqua Flat Freeform Nugget
  • 2 strands of Sky Blue Flat Freeform Nugget
  • 2 strands of Lavender Flat Freeform Nugget

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